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A Fast Selling And Efficient Solar Panel

Solar panel designs are increasingly getting better at capturing all available sun and daylight. If you should have 300W solar panels fitted to your roof you need to know that they are the latest monocry stalline modules available.



There are a few facts about these modules to consider. They have proved to be ultra-efficient in capturing the maximum amount of light due to their 60 cell panel structure. The latest model is only 16.8 kilograms which is much lighter than PV panels.


PV panels used to gather DC electricity and needed much DC cabling. These monocry stalline panels obviate the need for this and use AC cabling which is much cheaper and easy to install. Because of their weight installation can be done by one person rather than two which makes installation cheaper.


Because of their non-reflective black coating they absorb more heat which makes them more energy efficient. It is no wonder that they are now the fastest selling model on the market.


Having panels installed is a major long term investment and you should not undertake it if you are not planning to stay put for a long time. Although panel prices have come down a great deal recently, a typical installation will still set you back between 5,000 and 7,000 Pounds.


You can expect a return on your investment in about 7 years, depending on the size of the installation and the energy efficiency of your home.


Because these particular panels are a hybrid PV module they will qualify for the FIT system when the work has been completed. In order to apply for this scheme you need to find an installer who is a member of the MCS scheme. Upon completion of the work you will be given a certificate by the company.


This certificate, your bill which should have your address on it and an energy performance certificate should all be produced when you apply. It is important to do so if you want to receive more money back rather than just lowering your energy bills.