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A Spark Of Genius

When something becomes increasingly popular it will always become cheaper as mass production kicks in.


This is happening with solar panels as their usefulness means they are not only to be found on roof tops and spacecraft but at traffic lights and petrol stations. They are increasingly seen atop of parking meters as these require very little electricity.


It also helps that they need virtually no maintenance at all and although the instructions may include the suggestion of a wash of the surfaces now and again this is hardly necessary in the UK where rain will do it for you.


Solar power is on the increase as a major renewable energy. If it cannot entirely power cars and trains just yet there is every possibility that the technology will evolve to do so in the future.


Meanwhile, even if it is a contribution to the power supply that comes to you via the National Grid it is well worth taking up. After the cost of the installation there are no further maintenance costs and it should be good for twenty years.


By the time twenty years is up it’s a safe bet to say an upgrade will be bringing even more efficient models and a change will be extremely cost effective.


Installation takes just a couple of days and it easy to check online with Contact Solar to see if your property is likely to benefit from solar panels.


To install solar panels UK usually takes two days and involves the bolting of a frame onto the roof to secure the panels.


It also involves the fitting of a box called an inverter that is best placed in the roof space below the panels. This piece of kit converts the direct current electricity into alternating current to enable all your electrical appliances to work.


From the inverter some wiring will be installed to connect with your normal consumer unit along with the connection of a consumer unit. This last piece of equipment allows you to see exactly how much electricity your panels are generating.


For more on how to install solar panels UK please visit at Contact Solar