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Let The Installation Begin

If you own your own home and haven’t got solar panels on the roof then you should now seriously think about it.


Solar panels will decrease the amount of electricity you buy from your normal provider and these are bills that can only increase. It’s more than unlikely that you will have received a letter from the electricity company telling you the price is being reduced.


From an initial online quote to a completed installation can be a swift and trouble free procedure. When you fill in your details including the address and post code the Company will immediately be able to tell you whether your house faces in the right direction to benefit from solar panels.


You should be able to step outside and check the roof is facing south or at least within a maximum thirty degrees of that. It is also important to check the sun’s rays are not obscured by other buildings or perhaps large overhanging trees.


The roof should be exposed to the sun throughout daylight hours and when you have established all this then an online quote is easy and quick to obtain.


A solar panel installation Leicester is the same as any other part of the country and costs just the same in Scotland as it will in Cornwall. The team will arrive the day after some scaffolding has been erected.


Two roofers and an electrician along with a site supervisor will ensure the job is done within two days. The work involves securing a frame for the panel on the roof ideally at a thirty degree angle to the horizontal.


The panels consist of cells that are photosensitive to light and convert light rays into DC electricity. These cells are arranged into groups known as modules and these in turn are linked together into an array.


The more panels you have the greater the electricity production but your home’s roof must be inspected to ensure it will be able to take the weight.


When the work is finished the savings begin and you will see those benefits on your very first bill.


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