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Sunpower Solar Panels: Maintenance

Sunpower solar panels represent a great opportunity to both make and save money. The amount of energy that they produce is dependent on their size. The larger the panel, the more energy they create. However, there is an initial layout and it can take up to five years for the panels to start to pay for themselves. Once they’re paid off, you can sit back, and reap the rewards of lower energy bills (if any) and even making money from the grid. The only problem is maintenance these costs can eat away at any savings if you’re not careful, so what should you expect to have to do in order to maintain the solar panels in a good state of repair? We’re going to explain it all below.

Keeping Them Clean
The first thing to note is that sunpower solar panels work best when they’re clean. If dust and debris gets onto the outer surface, it can reduce the amount of UV light that hits the cells. This means that the solar panels are less efficient, and consequently that they don’t save you as much money.

It is important to keep the clean and fortunately, this is straightforward. You need to buy a special cleaner that will work with your particular panels, once you have the cleaner, you simply clean the panels in the same way you would a window. This usually means using a squeegee.

It can be worth buying an extension squeegee so that you don’t have to climb all over your roof to clean the panels. Climbing on the roof can damage your roof tiles. Of course, you should never climb on solar panels.

Keep Out the Shadows
Solar panels work best with direct UV. This means that the sun shines directly onto the panels. Modern panels do collect energy from ambient UV, even on a cloudy day, but it is always better for them to collect energy by direct sunlight (this might change as solar panel technology improves).

It is important to make sure that the solar panels are free from overhead obstructions, such as trees and bushes. Make sure that you keep trees trimmed and that no trees stand between the sun and the panels.

Checking for Fault Signals
Modern solar panels are very clever, they have their own signalling devices to tell you when things are going wrong, or when you need to undertake maintenance. They even tell you what you have to do.

Solar panels rarely run into serious issues, but they might require you to call someone out to help you. You should expect this to cost a similar amount to calling out a plumber or an electrician. It’s not cheap, but it’s not too extortionate.

Solar panels are sophisticated, but they are built to last. They need to be because they only begin to become worthwhile after year five, so it’s important that they last long enough after this point to be lucrative. Otherwise, nobody would buy them and that would be a massive shame.